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B) The operator will refund the funds to the individual always buy gems that the user has already established credited to their account within the game within the last fourteen days before giving the request their reimbursement (if do not require was indeed invested), paid down by a 25% service charge from sum in question (with all the minimum service cost being €15) in the event that individual requests a refund of cash.

The appropriate order regarding the Slovak Republic is applied solely of these ToS and all appropriate relations between your operator as well as the individual. The operator reserves the best to intervene to the game or to make any customizations or changes in the game without prior notification for the users.

F) an individual may request reimbursement of gems or cash regularly stimulate or purchase an Add-ons pack feature or a special game add-on relative to par. Gems represent digital currency which the individual might use arbitrarily to stimulate feature packages. Now the most notable Computer games will begin showing up on Xbox Live.

The operator reserves the proper to supply possibility to shop for special game add-ons regarding a unique event with limited duration (hereinafter as “special Jeux Gratuit game add-ons”). Additionally within the situations mentioned above, the users are not eligible to claim any compensation or refund of gems or money.

The operator is entitled to deactivate the feature pack of this individual regarding day’s reimbursement of gems on individual’s account into the game. I’ve loved and played these games since I have was very little, and I was delighted to know that they were re-releasing these old games. The operator reserves the right to provide game support towards user in English or Slovak language.

The operator isn’t accountable for the damage caused by the punishment of password towards individual account by 3rd events. Gems are a virtual money that your user may use inside the game solely and beneath the conditions and terms specified in these ToS (hereinafter as “gems”). See what friends and family are playing, share and watch game clips, and access Game Hubs for your favorite PC titles.

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